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Reconditioned OEM Wheels

Reconditioned OEM Wheels


Refurbishment Of Wheels

Complete Vehicle, Inc. is a leader in the restoration of new and old alloy wheels. 

Complete Vehicle, Inc. offers the leading services in repairing damaged alloy wheels of any make or model. Whether your wheel has structural or cosmetic damage, Complete Vehicle, Inc. has the skills, expertise and equipment to ensure that your wheel is returned to its original beauty. Outlined below are some of services that Complete Vehicle, Inc. offers. 

Rerolling and Straightening of buckled wheels.

Complete Vehicle, Inc. can re-roll and straighten bent or buckled wheels. A buckled wheel can often be detected by wobbling of the wheel or shaking of the entire vehicle. Complete Vehicle, Inc. has the skills and the know-how to get your wheel straightened out and back on the road. 

All wheels straightened need to reach the structural safety requirements needed for your vehicle to be on the road. Our head engineer personally inspects all wheels that roll out of our factory so you can be assured of our quality of service. 
Complete Vehicle also has the ability to weld and re-machine all alloy wheels. 

Cosmetic Repairs & Enhancements

For all cosmetic damage Complete Vehicle can bring your wheel back to its original beauty. Complete Vehicle is a leaders in color matching and spray painting of alloy wheels. Complete Vehicle has an unmatchable ability to undertake refurbishment of chrome shadow wheels. 

Not only does Complete Vehicle wheel reconditioning offer cosmetic repairs, services are also offered in additional aesthetic enhancements for you wheel set. Complete Vehicle can proudly paint match any color you need and have your wheels professorially finished to your preference. 

Vintage Wheel Repairs

Complete Vehicle, Inc. specializes in the refurbishment of not only newer model wheels but also in vintage and classic wheel styles. Well versed in the repairs of vintage Holden Monaro and Ford Falcon wheels, Complete Vehicle, Inc. has the skills and equipment to ensure your vintage wheel is repaired with utmost care and attention to detail. The staff at Complete Vehicle, Inc. understand the sentimental value of classic wheels and will ensure that your wheels are refurbished to their former glory. 

Complete Vehicle, Inc. will take all the necessary steps to ensure that your wheel is to look like it has just rolled out of the showroom when they were first purchased.

Complete Vehicle, Inc. 
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Plainfield, IL 60585 

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We are a proud member of the Plainfield Area Chamber Of Commerce.

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